Why iWitness Design?

WordPress is a powerful and versatile CMS and it's no wonder that it powers 33.6% of all websites. While many believe that WordPress is just glorified blogging software, companies like iWitness Design prove that WordPress is a robust application platform that can power enterprise level applications. With the right skill and attention to detail, WordPress can be customized to create a uniquely curated interface for both site members and administrators. This is where iWitness Design really shines.


Tanner Moushey at WordCamp Sacramento 2017Since our founding in 2012, iWitness Design has been involved in the WordPress community. We have personal relationships with many other agencies, plugin and theme creators, and web hosts. We’ve spoken at numerous different WordCamps on a variety of topics from development best practices to BuddyPress.

We’ve been involved as core contributors to WordPress, BuddyPress, Restrict Content Pro, and many other popular WordPress projects. Our plugin shop at SkillfulPlugins.com highlights a number of integrations that we’ve created and our plugins in the WordPress repository have been downloaded more than 25,000 times.

We are invested in the WordPress community and enjoy participating in it any chance we get.


Here at iWitness Design, we love a good challenge. Although we have a special affection for membership sites, we’ve done some pretty impressive API integrations, form customizations, JavaScript applications, social networks, enterprise level page builders, and much more. Most of the time WordPress is our tool of choice, but only because it is so powerful. If you want to know if WordPress is the right solution for your project, we are the right people to talk with.

Now, it is important for you to know that we are not like most other WordPress shops. They’ll try to build you a site in Divi or some other popular theme off of ThemeForrest and then hack the needed functionality together with a hodgepodge of plugins. That is not how we work. Sure we’ll do our best to save you money with prebuilt solutions WHERE APPROPRIATE, but you can rest assured that we have your site’s long term success in mind. Every recommendation we make is carefully measured against 1) cost 2) scalability and 3) usability.


Just because we can make WordPress do almost anything doesn’t mean that we always should. That is why it is critical that we spend time getting to know you and your goals.

Unless it is a quick modification we begin every project with an audit or discovery phase. This process can range from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the level of investigation and research required. During this time, we’ll be working closely with you to make sure we have clearly defined goals and that our project strategy will allow us to achieve those goals.

People discussing a project with hand written notes and a computerCommunication is the most important part of any project we do. Without a clear understanding of what we are building and what you expect, then we are basically shooting in the dark. That is why we’ll have a member of our team dedicated to ensuring that communication is flowing effectively and efficiently. We use a mixture of tools including Slack, email, and Monday.com (our project management system) to handle this communication. With most project we’ll have a standing meeting on Zoom every week or every other week to discuss our progress and outline the priorities for the following sprint.

Communication is so important to us that we create an open channel for you to interface directly with the developer who is working on your project. And no, we don’t outsource our work. You will be working directly with one of our senior level developers based in the United States.

Once the project is completed, we’ll handle the launch and recommend an appropriate support retainer. The last thing we want to do is to leave you hanging in your most critical hour.

Meet the Team

When you work with good people, you'll know the difference.

Tanner Moushey

Tanner Moushey

President and Lead Strategist

julie tanis

Julie Tanis

Project Manager

Landon Otis

Landon Otis

Senior Web Engineer

Victoria Abbott

Victoria Abbott

Marketing Manager