LearningWorksForKids.com is a membership and information site built upon the principle that popular games and other digital media can be powerful tools to aid a child’s academic performance when used correctly. The site outlines hundreds of different games and apps that can be implemented to help a child work through various thinking or academic challenges. Additionally, users are able to register and setup custom profiles on the site to get personalized recommendations for their children.

When LearningWorksForKids approached me to help with their next phase of development, the site was outdated and difficult to use. We worked together to update the site with a fresh responsive skin and also dramatically improved the user registration process. These changes resulted in an immediate surge in registration.

In addition, I also migrated them away from a somewhat clunky membership plugin to Restrict Content Pro (a minimalistic and clean content restriction platform) and built in custom access support for the various different custom content types on the site.

We have many more improvements and features in the pipeline and I look forward to being a part of the success of LearningWorksForKids!

Scope of work included:

  • Creating custom post types and templates
  • New responsive theme build (built with Foundation)
  • Membership platform migration
  • Custom support for content restriction
  • Engineer new user registration process
  • Custom WordPress queries
  • Custom user profile

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