Consistent Consultations

As part of your team, we’ll interact on a regular basis to ensure consistent progress on your goals.

Regular Improvements

Instead of having to remind your developer what your goals are, we’ll always be in the loop, making the process more effective.

Quick Bug Fixes

We’re here for you every week to make sure your online presence is running smoothly and heading in the right direction.

Better Accountability (both ways)

We will be directly invested in your project. If at any time we are not providing a tangible ROI, we’ll be the first to recommend a new strategy.

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Our Team

iWitness Design is a premium WordPress agency with partners all over the world. With our experience working with high traffic WordPress publications and membership sites, we are an ideal partner for those looking for consistent product development and support.

Our Goal

We are committed to empowering our partners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their online presence is being taken care of.

The Process - Agile Development

Step 1

Consultation Meeting

Each sprint begins with a consultation meeting to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your goals. Then, we’ll define the scope for the upcoming sprint.

Step 2


With a clear understanding of the project direction, we’ll work quickly to make consistent progress in measurable sprints.

Step 3

Review and repeat

When the sprint is complete, we’ll submit back for your review. Once satisfied, we have another consultation meeting and repeat the process as needed.

Basic Retainers

$750/mo - $2,850/mo

Ideal for businesses who are ready for the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted partner.

monthly or bi-weekly consultation sessions

a development sprint to analyze the direction of your web strategy.

In addition to the regular consultation sessions, we’ll also ensure that your website stays up-to-date, secure, backed up, and bug-free.

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Basic Retainer Options

Sprint duration = The time between meetings
Sprint hours = The target development hours for each sprint

Table of Basic Retainer Pricing Options

Advanced Retainers

$5,700/mo - $11,400/mo

I deal for businesses with an online product or store. Advanced retainers are built around weekly consultation meetings.

weekly consultation sessions

development sprints that make serious progress

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Advanced Retainer Options

Sprint duration = The time between meetings
Sprint hours = The target development hours for each sprint

Table of Advanced Retainer Pricing Options

Super Sprint

$1,500 for 10 hours

Need to boost your hours without changing plans?
Have you used up your time, but need just one more thing?
Want help with a seasonal project or upgrading a part of your website without doing an entire redesign?

Add an additional boost of 10 hours to any sprint* for $1,500.

*Any leftover hours will be rolled over to future sprints until they have been used.

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Interested in a Retainer?

We work for you!

Feel like there is a plan that works better for you? We value you too much to  lock you into a contract.

Enjoy the freedom to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel at any time.

Bar graph showing potential retainer hours